The MPA is looking to expand our network of volunteers in a variety of ways. Some of the most exciting work that happens here is completed by our loyal volunteers. No matter your interests or how much time you have to offer, the MPA can put you to work preserving Montana history.

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Hidden Helena Volunteer

With the announcement of not one but two Hidden Helena tours for 2019 the MPA will need a number of people to oversee historic sites during our rural tour on September 28th. Shifts will vary in length and volunteers will gain free admission for their efforts. This is a perfect position for anyone looking to genuinely experience what the hidden parts of rural Helena are all about.


Window Restoration - Carpentry

The ideal volunteer project serves both as an opportunity to give back to your community and to learn new skills. During this project volunteers will get hands on experience repairing historic windows with our Restoration Director, Dustin Kalanick. Along the way they will learn and practice traditional woodworking skills and carpentry methods.


Schoolhouse Survey - Historical Research

When it comes to historic preservation there are always endless piles of records and books to sort through. The MPA is looking for volunteers to help research the schoolhouses of eastern Montana as part of our Big Sky Schoolhouse Survey. This will require detailed research at the historical society and communication with locals who may have oral histories or information on schoolhouse locations. Anyone with a few extra hours, a natural sense of curiosity, and passion for Montana's iconic schoolhouses would be a perfect fit.

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Schoolhouse Survey - Field Volunteer

Our Big Sky Schoolhouse Survey continues this summer, and the MPA is searching for volunteers to help document schoolhouses in the eastern counties of our state. Because Montana’s eastern counties are sparsely populated there are many miles to cover between schools. If you live east of Billings, have a family history, or just a love for the high plains of Montana we have a job for you!  


For more information or to volunteer your time contact Outreach Coordinator, Madie Westrom at
406-457-2822, or madeline@presevemontana.org