Broadway Apartments, Lewistown

MPA is making steady progress towards redevelopment of the Broadway Apartments building in Lewistown as our skilled teams from Mosaic Architecture, Prairie Wind Architecture, and CTA have finalized their planning, preservation, and economic reports. 

The reports have defined four pillars that will support this project.

·         The Broadway is structurally sound and can be feasibly renovated,

·         The cost of renovation is cost-competitive with new construction,

·         Re-use as market rate apartments is economically viable, and

·         The proposed work has significant support from the Lewistown community. 

The MPA team is now working on a marketing package that includes incentives to make the building more attractive, such as Historic Preservation Tax Credits, cleanup grants, and more.

On the ground, the back yard has been cleaned up and 30 years (and 100 cubic yards) of trash and debris were removed from the site.  We thank SAS Sprinklers and Lawn Service for their help during cleanup and generous donation of their equipment to the effort.