New Restoration Director

MPA welcomes Dustin Kalanick as our new Restoration Director. Dustin is a licensed Architect and a fourth-generation Montanan educated at Montana State University, Oxford - New College, and his grandfathers’ ranches in Big Sandy. His internationally recognized work has ranged from corporate headquarters buildings to school gardens designed and built with students. A commitment to community service and fostering a sense of place has been evident throughout his career. Working in this versatile position for the MPA is the perfect fit for his blend of construction, teaching, and design experience. This summer, Dustin will be working feverishly on stabilizing the Broadway Apartments in Lewistown, the brick kilns on the Archie Bray grounds, masonry at the Placer School near Winston, and in Reeder’s Alley.

Introducing . . . the Interns!

Past and present MPA interns met up at the 2016 Road Show in Red Lodge. Left to right: Dan Rhode (2016), Veronica Sales (2015), and Sherry Teal (2016). 

Every year MPA has so much fun getting to know and working with a new group of interns. Their summer projects help enhance and develop their skills, and quickly move our projects to a new level.

North Carolina native Sherry Teal is a grad student at Middle Tennessee State University’s Center for Historic Preservation, an annual partner in our intern program. Sherry’s background is in anthropology, linguistics, Native American studies, and public history. Her two projects include the Big Sky Schoolhouse Survey and the Butte Ethnic Atlas project. She’ll be finding, researching and documenting historic schoolhouses in Madison County and also documenting ethnic enclaves important to Butte’s regional history. 

Missoula-native Dan Rhode is a grad student in the Historic Preservation Program at the University of Vermont. Dan’s background is in anthropology and archaeology. Dan started his internship working to stabilize the brick kilns at the former Western Clay Mfg. site in Helena, and is also documenting historic schoolhouses in Sanders, Mineral, and Lincoln counties.

Pat Holland is interning on the Butte project this summer. He is a recent graduate of Brown University with experience in archival research through past work with the Butte Public Archives. Pat intends to return to grad school for history; his experience this summer will add to his growing resume.