New Montana Landmarks

First Peoples Buffalo Jump in Cascade County became Montana’s 28th National Historic Landmark on July 21st! The designation recognizes the site as a place that possesses exceptional value and quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States. We thank Dr. Sara Scott, archeologist and Heritage Resources Program Manager at Montana State Parks, for her tireless work to get this designation! 

First Peoples Buffalo Jump is one of the oldest, largest, and best preserved bison cliff jump locations in North America. Its monumental record of stone surface architecture, deeply stratified bison bone deposits, multiple tipi ring concentrations, and extensive evidence of ceremonies indicate that, for approximately 5,700 years, First Peoples Buffalo Jump held a paramount position in the Northern Plains “bison culture.” Formerly called the Ulm Pishkun, the site is now a Montana State Park, so if you haven't visited it yet, it's definitely one for your bucket list. 

Montana’s State Historic Preservation Office has added or updated numerous historic properties to the National Register of Historic Places this year.  See the fine list below to find a property near you. 

Camp Senia Historic District Boundary Increase and Addendum, near Red Lodge     Listed August 10, 2015

Swan River Bridge, Bigfork    
Listed 8/3/2015

Convict Grade Historic District, Sprindale vicinity   
Listed 8/3/2015

Gardiner Jail, Gardiner    
Listed 8/3/2015

Doncaster Round Barn, Twin Bridges Vicinity   
Listed 4/14/2015

Graf House, 633 Highland Park Dr., Billings    
Listed 4/20/2015

Hayward Lodge, On Lake Como, Darby Vicinity    
Listed 5/11/2015

Big Creek Ranger Station Historic District, Polebridge Vicinity    Listed 1/7/2015

Cat Creek Oil Field Sign, Cat Creek Vicinity    
Listed 1/7/2015

Flathead National Forest Backcountry Administrative Facilities, Hungry Horse Vicinity    
Listed 12/17/2014