The Montana Ethnic Atlas: Land of Many Nations began in 2012 with a start up grant from the Greater Montana Foundation.

“Land of Many Nations” will gather and share, through a web-based interface, the compelling stories of Montana’s history and the interweaving of cultures that populated and settled our state.  

The “Land of Many Nations” website will showcase Montana’s diverse culture by identifying outstanding and unscrutinized peoples, cultures and places in the ethnic heritage of our state and create an on-line interpretive content about them. The “rich media” format of this site will include written text, photographs and images, and audio links all linked to a digital map.  Much like a virtual museum exhibit, each place will have content displayed to tell its story and offer insight into the past. Taken together, the sights and sounds, stories and views of ethnic Montana gathered here will create a compelling experience and offer a broader understanding of how and why these peoples were here and why, in the case of African-Americans, Chinese & Jewish settlers, they are no longer here.