Lewis Williams

Lewis Williams, is an Iconographer from Montrose, Colorado.  His art interests are wide and varied in all paint and drawing media, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. His work has been shown at The Brigham City Art Museum in Utah, the JHS Gallery in Taos, NM, the Living Circle in Chicago and more. His icons are in many private and church collections. His residency is hosted by our partners at the American Prairie Reserve. He stayed first at the PN Ranch and then at the Enrico Science Center on the reserve.  He loved the enormity of the landscapes of Central Montana and the work he produced is striking.

During his residency he wrote:

As an artist new to the Great Plains, an initial question is, 'What will I find to paint?!' The immediate response is 'A whole lot of nothing.' But if you are lucky, you have time. You sit, observe and listen to that nothingness. You don't even know it but it works its way into you and you start to find there is a lot to nothingness. That's the mystery that gets revealed to you. That's what makes it so rare and special. This 'nothingness' is full, and with this artist residency on the Upper Missouri River Breaks and American Prairie Reserve, I was blessed with the opportunity to learn this.