Two major award ceremonies in late January honored the work of some of MPA’s favorite and most outstanding preservationists, including MPA's very own Executive Director, Chere Jiusto! 

During a beautiful ceremony in the Capitol rotunda, MPA’s Chere Jiusto! was honored for her many years of service to Montana through her work to preserve historic buildings and landscapes across the state. Chere was humbled to receive the award alongside four other giants of the Montana humanities world. Outstanding is not a strong enough word to describe the work of these dedicated professionals! Left to right: Governor Steve Bullock; Humanities MT Director, Ken Egan; Chere Jiusto; educator Sheila Stearns; Blackfeet Tribal Preservation Officer John Murray; living history advocate Karen Aspevig Stevenson; educator Hal Stearns; educator Dottie Susag; and Humanities MT Board Chair Tobin Miller Shearer.  


Montana Historical Society Historic Preservation Awards 

Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney presided over a huge crowd at Helena's Myrna Loy Center for the Montana Historical Society's State Historic Preservation Office bi-annual award ceremony. The four outstanding awardees have left a legacy for all in Montana and their work is a model of sound preservation practice.