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Central School, Helena Professional Reports

Numerous structural engineering, architecture, and seismic reports have been completed for Central School. All reports indicate that the school can be retrofitted and meet current seismic building code standards. Click on the blue links to view full reports.

Central School Demolition Review Ordinance Report, prepared by Helena-Lewis and Clark County Historic Preservation Officer, Pam Attardo. This report reviews the pre-application meeting process between the City and the Helena School District and indicates that the pre-application meeting process and certification of completed application was handled differently than many others in the past. 

Central School Demolition Permit Application, January 2017: The application gives fine detail on all that is deficient about Central, and a short description of the district's proposal to preserve the historic integrity of the neighborhood. 

Dekay and Hugenin Seismic Upgrade Report, January 1936: Describes extensive work to reinforce Central School to be more resilient in an earthquake. Later structural engineering analysis in 2005 and 2013 do not consider this work in their reports.

Morrisson Maierle Structural Report, by Alan Stanbery, 6/2005: This report even notes the advantages of the building. "We recommend the seismic retrofit work outlined above be completed to the structure within the next five years. The current building (even though 80 years of age and not meeting the current code), has many advantages in its favor for surviving seismic events. The advantages are: a current foundation system bearing on rock, good floor plan-wall-layout symmetry, and reinforced concrete floors and roof slabs (rigid diaphragms), give the current structure a better rating for seismic resistance." 

Beaudette Consulting Structural Report, by Jami Lorenz, March 2013: This report is similar to the 2005 report, and resulted in closure of Central School. 7th Avenue gym was soon closed following structural analysis.

CTA Group Report, April 2013: This thorough, 24-page report includes construction history, seismic history, and detailed analysis of building systems. Also includes many scenarios for renovation and one option to build a new school without demolition of the 1915-1921 school.

SMA Architects, June 2013 Renovation vs. Rebuild Report. A little known, barely publicized, comprehensive look at renovating vs. demolish/rebuild, including advantages and disadvantages of each option. 

Morrison-Maierle Report, January 2014. This report contains another evaluation and schematic drawings that illustrate existing conditions and locations of proposed new braces and beams.

Mosaic Architecture Report, January 2013. This comprehensive report was released shortly before Central School was closed and recommends a $7.5 million remodel. The report details all needs and recommendations for upgrades to all schools in the district. The 112-page report was too large to post here, so only pages regarding Central School are here.