Historic places across Montana are running out of time.

Each year, our state loses dozens of heritage sites to development contracts, severe weather conditions, and general abandonment. These buildings and cultural places lend character, vitality, and a sense of significance to our communities that can’t be engineered or rebuilt. Every time a landmark Montana building is lost or overshadowed by new development, a piece of our history disappears forever.

This year, the Montana Preservation Alliance is asking YOU to join our fight to preserve place-based history under the Big Sky.
By supporting the preservation of history in communities from Alzeda to Zortman you allow room for real-world connectivity, socio-economic development, continued stewardship, and so much more.

Our Current Projects

Mission: Restore and revitalize Montana's historic places,
traditional landscapes, and cultural heritage.

  • Belt, Sluice Boxes State Park

  • Lewistown, Broadway Building

  • Dillon, Diamond O Ranch

  • White Sulphur Springs, Road Show 2020

  • Virginia City, Grace Methodist Church & More

  • Helena, Baxendale School

  • Butte, Ethnic Heritage Collection

  • Bozeman, Fish Technology Center

  • Livingston, Teslow Grain Elevator

  • Thompson Falls, Paradise School

  • Schoolhouses of Eastern Montana

All donations go directly toward preservation projects in the communities listed above. In 2020, we look forward to expanding our programs, working with new communities, and reaching a wider audience through workshops, trainings, and discussions.

The Montana Preservation Alliance once again invites Helena newcomers and long-time residents alike to discover the history of our Queen City in a whole new way. No docents. No schedule. You choose where to go and what to see. With two different self-guided tours this year, the MPA is offering participants a glimpse into historic buildings in the downtown area and beyond into rural areas of the valley. Read more . . .

The Montana Preservation Alliance’s newly released Path Less Traveled: Guide to Montana’s Hidden Rural Heritage gives casual day-trippers and diehard back roads junkies the maps they need to find and discover the history of more than 100 off-the-beaten-path historic sites nestled into the hillsides, mountains, and beautiful prairies of the Treasure State. This guide takes you down Montana’s uncrowded country roads to find everything from high mountain ghost towns and forest lookout towers to small town saloons, schools, churches, ranger stations, and post World War II landmarks. Read more . . .

Project Application

The Montana Preservation Alliance relies on concerned community members to help us find the place-based history that is most endangered in their community. By filling out an application you will help put your historic hotel, schoolhouse, barn, or landscape on our radar and better its chances of receiving preservation funds. Please follow the link below for more information on applying.

We respectfully remind applicants that our annual capacity is limited and that our denial of a project does not contest the historical significance of a building in any way.

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